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Work Place Wellness

Employee wellness programs include activities designed to support employee wellness at work. 

Elevate’s Chair Massage, Yoga, Meditation is a cost-effective  way to incorporate comprehensive services that Elevate your company’s morale and productivity and reduced stress. So your team is ready to get back to doing what it does best.

We handle all logistics of the event. We bring all necessary tools to help you relax and destress.  We only need a small space for our massage portable massage chairs. yoga and meditation offerings.

Group photo chair massage on site

Why Choose Elevate?

Since 2015 Elevate has been serving Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about serving the community. Online scheduling  for convenience for scheduling individual appointments. Clients receive email and a text reminder 1 hour prior to appointment, included at no cost. Or we can use your own internal scheduling system.

We are Wellness Professionals that are Licensed, Insured, Vetted and trained in Chair Massage methods, Yoga, and Meditation methods. We are here to customize and provide exceptional services.

Our passion is to serve the community.

Value of Investment

The Value Of Investment is a way to reflect the broader financial impact that wellness programs can have on an organization.

For example, a wellness program can result in fewer sick days taken by employees. The VOI of employee wellness is proven to be effective when employees  are content in their position and exhibiting  their productivity.

Benefits are the employees tend to be happier and more engaged at work — and more productive.

Benefits of Massage

In just 15 minutes, Employees can destress improve their physical, emotional, and  mental  well-being.  Well-being can be described as judging life positively and feeling good. 

Chair Massage relieves physical tension from  repetitive movements. Increasing blood flow and relieving pain.

Chair massage also encourages breathing and relaxation allowing the body and mind to reset.

Ready To Elevate The Workplace?

Chair Massage, Yoga, and Meditation are the Trifecta of self care.  Physical, mental, and emotional health are intertwined with day-to-day employee performance. Looking for a hands-on approach to enhance the office culture? Want to attract crowds and leave a lasting impression at your event? Our customized wellness programs can fit any budget and time allowance. Our one time, weekly, monthly, quarterly or special events are catered to your company’s needs and goals.

Engage Customers and Employees with an economical option of Chair Massage Yoga, and Meditation services. Reduce work life stress and increase morale in clients and employees. 


Elevate On Site Chair Massage Services

Sherry Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate Chair MASSAGE

Enhance productivity and reduce physical and mental stress from repetition from working at a desk. Replace lack of productivity with seated chair massage to regain clarity and focus. A 15 minute chair massage is a win win!

Trade Show Massage

Trade show Chair MASSAGE

Chair massage at your event provides you with a great opportunity to make contact with potential clients. It offers a clean and convenient service, as recipients receive the massage with no removal of clothing.

Chair Massage near me

special event massage

 Massage Tables can be requested for a small additional fee. Sporting events, in home massage, or a special event. Let Elevate take the stress out and bring in the relaxation, recovery  and rejuvenation. 

Emily seated chair massage

Health Care Chair MASSAGE

Health care can be a physically and emotionally challenging work environment. Reduce staff turnover and increase staff appreciation with a 15 minute seated chair massage. 

Molly yoga pose

On Site all levels Yoga

All levels Yoga taught by a trained professional while at work. Body movement through simple postures allows tension in the body to be released. Mental clarity and deepening of awareness will be a part of the experience. 

Full Body Massage Chair

Luxury Apartment

Make Luxury Apartment events relaxing. Bring Elevate to enhance the next resident event with seated chair massage. Residents feel relaxed and ready to mingle enhancing community in the apartment complex. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A seated chair massage allows the person to sit comfortably in a face forward position. The chair will be adjusted according to your height. If any point anything is uncomfortable let the practitioner know. You will remain fully clothed, and are allowed to remove any bulky clothing items too. 

Chair massage is a very first time friendly experience. Chair massages are typically 10-30 minutes long. The practitioner will ask about areas of discomfort and tension. The practitioner will give a brief consult to ask about areas to avoid, and  pressure preferences. Comfort and safety are number one priority! Clients will need to safely get on and off the chair independently.

We have the option of using our online scheduling system. This allows for automated reminders to be sent out 1 hour prior to the appointment. Employee paid events also allow for payment. 

For Employer sponsored event, each person can sign up for a slot time. If they need to cancel, reschedule their time, it is very easy to do. Online scheduling is included at no additional cost. 

Or if your company prefers an internal sign up method that works great! 

  • Elevate has a  Business Owners policy with Traveler’s, which essentially covers your General Liability and Property
  • We also  have an Umbrella Insurance known as Excess Liability.
  • We have a Worker’s Comp through Liberty Mutual
  • It is very easy for us to get your company listed on our insurance

The Practitioners will arrive 10-20 minutes early to set up and be ready to go for the first appointment.  An Elevate team member will confirm with the event planner a few days prior to address any last minute changes.  For the day of the event, each person signed up will get their massage. We work hard to stay on track with appointments, and will communicate if the need arises.

After each massage the practitioner will clean the entire surface of the chair with sanitizing wipes.  The practitioner will also have hand sanitizer on hand as well.  Cleanliness is a top priority. 

During Covid-19 everyone will be required to wear a mask covering.

Each event will include arriving 10-20 minutes early, travel to the site, and gratuity. If parking in not included in the building that will be added to the total. Gratuity is included in the total cost as well. Practitioners are allowed to accept tips from clients however, not expected.

Online scheduling is also included at no additional charge. 

For Chair Massage we work in a variety of settings, including a  conference room, an open space, lobby, kitchen, or a small office. For a chair massage event, a space  of 6 feet by 6 feet is sufficient. For more than one chair, we would advise a slightly larger area. For table massages a  space of 10 feet by 10 feet is recommended. 

Prevent Burnout, Increase Appreciation

Elevate enhances wellness by connecting with our Clients to ensure the best experience. We serve with intention and purpose to destress and improve your Company’s level of productivity. See below how we have offered our services to various clients for Trade Shows, Luxury Apartments, Corporate Wellness, and Special Events.

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