On-Site Chair Massage: Transforming Trade Shows into Unforgettable Experiences​

Welcome to Elevate Massage, where we expertly blend relaxation and revitalization into your trade show experience.

Our on-site chair massage services offer a refreshing oasis for attendees amid the excitement and activity of trade show events.

By adding our crowd-pleasing chair massages to your event, you’ll showcase your dedication to attendee well-being and elevate your event to stand out among the rest.


Set the stage for a truly remarkable event with Elevate Massage’s on-site chair massage services, with benefits such as:

  • Event versatility: Our chair massage services can be seamlessly integrated into various aspects of your trade show, such as VIP lounges, exhibitor booths, or dedicated relaxation areas.
  • Increased engagement: Attendees who feel relaxed and recharged after a chair massage are more likely to engage with exhibitors, explore new products, and actively participate in the event.
  • Relief for tired muscles: Trade show exhibitors and attendees often spend long hours standing, walking, and engaging in conversations. Massages provide targeted relief for tired muscles and alleviate physical discomfort, allowing individuals to participate in the event with renewed energy.
  • Encouraging mindfulness and presence: Massages offer a tranquil haven for attendees, inviting them to pause, be present, and fully immerse themselves in the event. This mindfulness and increased awareness lead to deeper connections with exhibitors and a greater appreciation for the trade show experience.
  • Improved focus and retention: Chair massages help reduce stress and increase mental clarity, enabling attendees to better focus on exhibitors’ key messages, presentations, and product offerings.
  • Higher return on investment: The combination of increased attendee engagement, satisfaction, and positive word-of-mouth can lead to higher returns on investment for both event organizers and exhibitors.

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How it Works:

Ready to elevate your trade show experience with the unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation of on-site chair massage services? Here’s all you need to do to get started: 

  1. Schedule a call. We’ll discuss your trade show event’s unique needs and objectives, tailoring a chair massage plan to seamlessly integrate with your event’s schedule and layout.
  2. Plan it out. Together, we’ll design the perfect on-site chair massage experience for your trade show. We’ll ensure your attendees enjoy a revitalizing and memorable experience.
  3. Enjoy an amazing event day. Our team of licensed, skilled massage therapists will arrive at your event fully prepared with all the necessary equipment, including comfortable massage chairs and sanitizing supplies. Our therapists will provide professional, rejuvenating chair massages to your attendees, allowing them to relax and recharge during the trade show.

Trade Show Wellness

Elevate Trade Shows With Chair Massage ​

What Elevate Offers

Trust the Elevate Team when planning a Trade Show Event. We will provide you with a copy of the therapist scheduled for the event. We will coordinate the therapist schedule, supplies, and you can rest assured your brand awareness will be integrated into the experience. A team manager will be available to answer questions and check in to make sure everything is running smoothly. Elevate carries Umbrella insurance as well and can have your company on the policy. Our team of professionals are trained in customer care and chair massage.​

Customer Testimonial

We had such a great experience working with Elevate on an event at the Colorado Convention Center. Everyone that was sent to work with us was wonderful and the organization on their side was so clear, I never wondered about who or how many folks would be there. It was totally seamless on our side and I really appreciate it.
Lisa Mason​

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