Elevate Special Events

Elevate your your special event with use of massage tables. Sporting events, in home parties, and health fairs are special events that we can customize to meet your wellness goals.

Elevate Special Event

Elevate Special Events With Table Massage

Sports Recovery

Running a marathon, completing a triathlon, requires the body to recharge and reduce inflammation with sports recovery massage. We are trained in Sports stretches', and recovery.

On Site Massage Parties

Hosting a party at your house We bring relaxation on site with chair or table massage to enhance your guests experience. We bring relaxation with aromatherapy and music to elevate your party.

Health Fair

Health and Wellness are Elevated with On Site Chair Massage. Mindfulness and meditation are also available to enhance your next office health fair. Complement the wheel of wellness with Elevate.

Client Testimonial

Met the folks at GopherCon where they gave massages, and it was great. Exactly what I needed after long hours working the expo floor.
Baruch Sadogursky

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