Health Care On Site Chair Massage

Increase resilience in Health Care Staff due to the nature of high levels of stress. On site chair massage alleviates effects of mental, emotional, and physical effects of stressful work.

Health Care Heroes

Elevate Health Care Workers With Chair Massage + Yoga

Prevent Compassion Burnout

Address emotional stress on health care workers with 15 minutes of chair massage. To alleviate burnout compassion fatigue.

Increase Physical Wellbeing

Recognize the signs Physical signs of burnout in staff as reduced performance and productivity. Anxiety. Detachment. Feeling listless.

Elevate Staff Appreciation

Studies have shown that meaningful recognition has the ability to renew a nurse's commitment to their profession, bestow added pride in their work, and deepen their loyalty to both nursing team and healthcare organization. Positivity increases in the work environment.

Customer Testimonial

Elevate went above and beyond in helping me arrange some on site massages for some dear friends of ours who were at the hospital - Jill was so easy to work with and professional, and my friends loved Sherry’s massages!! I’d book them again in a heartbeat. Thank you Elevate, for your compassion and flexibility!!
Erin Keesee

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