Frequently Asked Questions About Events

Chair Massage allows the person to remain fully clothed for the duration of the massage. Often it is nice to remove the outer layer to feel the pressure more. Lotion will only be used on the hands and arms, and neck with permission. The practitioner will be sure to not get lotion on clothes or the hair. 

We have the option of using our online scheduling system. This allows for automated reminders to be sent out 1 hour prior to the appointment. Employee paid events also allow for payment. 

For Employer sponsored event each person can sign up for a slot time. If they need to cancel, reschedule their time, it is very easy to do. Online scheduling is included at no additional cost. 

Or if your company prefers an internal sign up method that works great for us too. We will help coordinate the times available for massages to allow for a break. 

The Practitioners will arrive 10-20 minutes early to set up and be ready to go for the first appointment.  An Elevate team member will confirm with the event planner a few days prior to make sure of no last minute changes are needed.  Elevate will confirm with the practitioners prior to the event of any changes. For the day of the event, each person signed up will get their massage. The practitioners do their best to stay on time. However, sometimes it is necessary to adjust the schedule due to needs of the client. We will communicate when this happens to make sure we are on track!

After each massage the practitioner will clean the entire surface of the chair with sanitizing wipes. They will also have hand sanitizer on hand as well.  Cleanliness is a top priority. 

Each event will include arriving 10-20 minutes early, travel to the site, and gratuity. If parking in not included in the building that will be added to the total. Gratuity is included in the total cost as well. Practitioners are allowed to accept tips from clients appreciated however not expected.

Online scheduling is also included at no additional charge. 

Chair massage is a very first time friendly experience. Chair massages are typically 10-30 minutes long. The practitioner will ask about areas of discomfort and tension. They will also ask about pressure preferences during the massage. The practitioner will give a brief consult to ask about areas to avoid, and  pressure preferences. Comfort and safety are number one priority!

Elevate carries liability insurance as well as umbrella insurance.  We are happy to add you to the plan and give details of the insurance policy. Each team member also carries their own liability insurance as well. 

For a chair massage event, a small office of 6 feet by 6 feet is plenty. For more than one chair, we would advise a conference room be utilized. For table massages a larger space of 10 feet by 10 feet would be needed. 

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