Self Care Trifecta

We live in a world where self care is so necessary to prevent burn out, combat stress, and keep us well. When long hours, high stress and exhaustion is glorified as success it’s time to make taking care of yourself a priority.

At Elevate Chair Massage, we believe in a Self Care Trifecta. Massage, Strengthening and Stretching. All three are crucial to achieving greater wellness. One without the other won’t create the same benefits as a combination of all three. 


Releasing tension with massage is one piece of the puzzle. Many of us spend our days in repetitive positions on the computer, driving, sitting for long periods,etc. We need to receive massage to assist in the release of these chronically tight tissues. Massage teaches the body how to maintain outside of deep-seated tension patterns. Bringing Corporate Chair Massage On Site can lessen your team’s stress in as little as 15 minutes!


Oftentimes our day to day activities create imbalance in the body. Sitting at the computer, for example, makes a person really strong on the front side of their body, in their chest and front of the shoulders. Without building strength in the back of the body to compensate for the added strength in the chest, that person may experience tightness and tension in their back after a long day.  Chair massage helps relieve sitting in the chair and using repetitive movements. 


Stretching improves range of motion and muscle soreness. It also prevents injury and builds flexibility. Stretching can look different for everyone. Some people are more comfortable holding a long static-stretch while others need small movements in and out of the stretch to get the best results.  However you choose to stretch, it will offer relief. 

A regime that incorporates massage, strengthening and stretching gives the body the most benefits. All of our Massage Therapists are well versed in chair massage that helps release tension from the body. Elevate also offers corporate yoga classes on top of our corporate chair massage services! Incorporating a wellness program into your office can help employees begin their Self Care Trifecta. Bring wellness to your office today!