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Weekly Meal Planning

How do you feel about Meal Planning?

Is it one of your favorite household chores? Do you feel like you spend too much time trying to make a perfect plan? Is it something you’ve been interested in doing, but aren’t sure where to start?

Regardless of your meal planning preferences, we hope our Meal Planning Guide can help you bring more joy into your kitchen! Watch this video to discover strategies to plan your meals for the week in a way that reduces your food waste, is realistic about how much time you have to cook, and makes you excited for the week ahead! ‘Follow the leftovers’ and make meal planning a quick chore. We also discuss ways to plan for and utilize all those leftover part and pieces to prevent food spoilage! Then, download your own editable Meal Planning Guide below!

Five Steps to Efficient, Joyful Meal Planning

Step 1:  What day are you going grocery shopping or ordering chef guided groceries with chefate?

Step 2:  Identify how much time you’ll have for food prep each day and decide where convenience foods fit in your meal plan.

Step 3:  Decide which meals you want to cook on which days. Looking for ideas for how to plan each meal? Check out our video: How to Plan a Meal

Step 4:  When will you eat your MEAL leftovers? Will you pack them for lunches, eat them for dinner later in the week, or immediately freeze them?

Step 5:  Plan for your INGREDIENT leftovers. Will you cook another meal to utilize a leftover ingredient? Schedule a ‘catch-all’ meal towards the end of the week to use up as many ingredients as possible? Share your leftover ingredients with a family member? Pickle, Ferment, or Freeze your ingredients to use later?


Once you have your Meal Planning Guide complete, you can use this to create your prep list for Meal Prepping. Discover how to Meal Prep Like a Line Cook here.

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